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File Name:Cult Of Erinyes - Complete Discography (2010-2019)
Download Torrent:Cult Of Erinyes - Complete Discography (2010-2019)

Country : Belgium
Formed in : 2009
Status : Active
Genre : Black Metal
Lyrical Themes : Philosophy, Human nature, History

Informations :

Cult Of Erinyes is a black metal band from Brussels, Belgium.

Drawning it's energy from the darkest thoughts of it's creators, this new extreme and punitive outfit intends to evolve in the realms of Black Metal while pushing it's limits a bit further. Spawned with the intention to distil arstistic audacity into respected traditions, Cult of Erinyes belongs to the forbidden experience, where music is only a symptom of a higher truth. Ritualistic hymns, vicious and twisted vocals, furious rythmics and ambient disgressions are only a few weapons which will make of Cult of Erinyes a band to be reckoned with.

Cult Of Erinyes realeased 4 albums and 3 EP Between 2010 and 2019

Discography :

- Golgotha EP (2010)
- A Place to Call My Unknown (2011)
- Blessed Extinction (2013)
- Transcendence EP (2016)
- Tiberivs (2017)
- Veneer EP (2018)
- Æstivation (2019)

Size:1.75 GB
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40 files
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